Climate Change

climate change

Global climate change has wide-ranging effects on every part of the world – from warming temperatures, to sea-level rise, to more extreme weather events. Climate change can be caused by a number of natural factors, but the last report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is unequivocal: the main driver of these climatic variations is greenhouse gases resulting from human activities. Among the most well known of the greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide (CO2).

Industrialized countries have historically contributed the most to the production of climate changing greenhouse gases. But developing nations in the global South and the tropics will bear the brunt of the adverse effects of this change. Small island nations in these regions of the world are particularly at risk.

The IPCC report shows climate change will have especially negative consequences for food and water systems. Farming communities will feel a disproportionate impact, chiefly in tropical areas dependent on rain-fed agriculture and pastoral production. Extreme weather and rising temperatures are already shifting crop-growing seasons and affecting food production around the planet.

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Farmers have adapted to the vagaries of local climates for millennia. They have developed many strategies to adapt their farming practices to climate-related stresses – varying cropping patterns, using soil management techniques and using the vast genetic resources in seed the varieties they have nurtured over time, to name a few. Their expertise will prove even more crucial to enhance resilience in the face of changing climates.

Working with nature, through ecological agriculture, conserving biodiversity and localizing our food systems will also be crucial for the future of food security.

Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture: Bibliography

climate change Here is a library of resources making the case for agroecology as a key response to climate change. Tell us what you’re reading too and share your documents on social media by tagging us: @usccanada OR use this hashtag: #ag4climate.



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climate change

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