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ICYMI Monday | The We DON'T Need to Double Food Production by 2050 Edition

In Case You Missed It Monday is USC Canada's weekly roundup - not that kind - of food, agriculture and policy news from here at home and around the world.

Happy Creamsicle Day and start of Afternoon Tea Week! Welcome to ICYMI Monday, where we serve up a selection of the news that's fit to eat, with special attention to stories related to seeds, small-scale farmers, food sovereignty and agroecology. So pull up a chair, grab a popsicle and a cup of tea and dig in.

USC Canada - In case you missed it Monday - Photo: Anonymous/AP - Image: a large fish fills the frame of the photo while a smaller fish of the same kind is beside it. There are blue pebbles beneath where they are floating in the water.

The Big Picture

We don't need to double food production by 2050, says a new study. So can we go ahead and retire that common refrain? | Food Tank

Here are six ways the world's Indigenous Peoples are making the world more food secure and combating climate change. | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Indigenous farming practices shape sustainable agriculture. On August 9, the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, Food Tank celebrated some of the farming practices developed and maintained by the world's Indigenous Peoples. | Food Tank

Around the World

The saga of the "Monsanto Papers" continues. The publicizing of dozens of Monsanto's internal emails brought to light that academic papers purporting the safety of its herbicide, Roundup, were written with the help of Monsanto employees. | Bloomberg

And more disclosed Monsanto papers suggest that the company continued to sell PCBs, toxic industrial chemicals, for eight years after learning they were dangerous to humans and the environment. | The Guardian

In California, crops are rotting in the field and farmers are saying U.S. immigration policies are to blame. | Fortune

In Canada

"Has Ottawa sold out to Big Agro and its toxic chemicals?" and "Ottawa ignoring hazards of top pesticides sold in Canada" is a two part series digging into the role of Canada's pesticide regulator, the branch of Health Canada that oversees the estimated 7,000 pest control products registered in Canada. | National Observer

If you have eaten salmon recently purchased in Canada, it may have been genetically modified. Some unknown Canadian grocery stores were the first in the world to stock the GM fish – but there is no requirement to label it, so you wouldn't know if you were buying it. | The Guardian

It's been a rough two years for Ontario farmers. Last year it was drought, this year it's the opposite. | Toronto Star

Canada's seasonal agriculture worker program recruits migrants from Mexico and 11 Caribbean nations to work temporarily on farms, but critics say the program allows workers to be exploited. Many workers have said they fear deportation if they complain about the conditions they must endure. | The New York Times

The face of farming is changing in Nova Scotia, as millennials find creative ways to break into the market. | Lighthouse Now

What's going on? The 2016 Canadian Census revealed that Canada lost more than 29,000 farmers between the ages of 35 and 54 from 2011 to 2016. | Country Guide

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