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Forget the Bouquet – Get Your Mom Flowers that Last All Summer

Mother's Day is fast approaching. But don't worry, you still have time to think outside the vase. Green thumb or not, there's an idea here for your mother(s)!

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For the green thumb

Go for the gift that keeps on living – flowering plants for an outdoor container or garden. For the flower-lover in your life, these are the ideal alternative to the vase variety. Plus you'll be helping out pollinators in need.

Bumblebees and other wild bees are hurting for habitats. The places they live and the plants they need to survive are bring replaced with urban development and monoculture farmland. So some well-picked, well-placed blossoms could give them a place to land. When you're picking flowers for your mom, look for heritage and native plant species in the colours blue, purple, white and yellow.

If you're prepared to do a bit of research, Evergreen has a fabulous database of native plants which you can search by region.

Pro tip: look for organic and pesticide-free labels. Studies are increasingly showing pesticides, in particular neonicotinoids, are harmful to bees.

Take the garden theme one step further and get seeds! They provide months of enjoyment with the added bonus of the pure sense of achievement that comes with growing something from seed (kind of like raising a child – something a mom knows a thing or two about). Part of your gift can even be to help plant them!

Not sure where to start finding seeds? Find organic seeds from farmers in your area with our Ecological Seed Finder.

For the greenish thumb

Build a herb garden. There are (literally) 15-million ideas for cute, Pinterest-worthy indoor herb gardens. But a pot with good drainage, soil, a few crowd-pleasing herbs and a tray to catch excess water is all you need to start with.

If you buy seedlings, make sure you ask how the plants were grown. Go for organic, neonic-free plants, especially if you plan on putting them outside.

For the thumb without any discernible green hue

Of course, this is a reality. We get it. And we've got you covered.

Give your mother the greatest gift of all – the knowledge that she is making a huge impact is someone's life who needs it. With a donation in her name to USC Canada's revolving credit fund in Burkina Faso, she provides women with access to credit so they can set up their own small businesses. From market trading to raising animals, more than 150 women have accessed credit and all of them have reported a net profit.

In addition to being entrepreneurs, these women are mothers. The new income helps them to cover household expenses like schooling and child care.

Make a donation in your mother's name today

Your mother's $100 gift will support five women in Burkina Faso by providing them with the start-up capital and management support to help them launch their own trade or agricultural business.

It is a beautiful gift, from one mother to another.

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