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Let Someone Know They've Bean on Your Mind with These Punny Valentines

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Show your love with the gift that keeps on giving - seeds!

My Punny Valentine by USC Canada - images of: cobs of corn with faces smiling at each other, lettuce heads with faces smiling at each other, two beans in a pod smiling at each other with little hearts floating above them, a pea in a pod kissing another pea with little hearts above them, and a beet smiling widely. these images are superimposed over an orange background.

We've put together templates for do-it-yourself Valentine seed packets, so you can let people know they've bean on your mind – with seeds!

It's easy to create your very own Valentine seed packs in just a few easy steps. Here's what you'll need: scissors, tape or glue, access to a printer, and seeds.

Choose your Valentine card

Click on the images below to view each template. Print the ones you like out on regular 8.5x11 inch paper.






Fold it up

Cut the template out along the blue line and use the instructions on the bottom half of the sheet to create your envelope card. If you already know who it will be for and what kind of seeds you will put in, fill in the blanks on the back of the envelope now. It'll be easier now than later after you've filled it with seeds.

Fill it with seeds

Whether you've saved them yourself, swapped them with a friend or bought them from your favourite seed farmers, organic, local seeds are a great gift for that special someone. While you're at it, put together packets for your friends, family, teachers, coworkers... everyone can use seeds.

And don't forget to save a few for yourself, too!

Not sure where to find seeds? Read on.

How to find local, organic seeds

Our Canadian seed security program works with farmers across the country to help increase the quality and quantity of local seed. These farmers care about preserving our agricultural heritage. One of the best ways to support their efforts is to purchase and share their seeds. Check our Ecological Seed Finder, a project with Seeds of Diversity Canada, to find the best locally-adapted seeds in your region and buy directly from farmers.

Love is in the air... and in the ground!

The Valentine's season coincides with the start of a busy 'seed season' across Canada. Snow blankets much of the country, but seed farmers are busy preparing to sell their seed harvests. Often, they sell their seeds at Seedy Saturdays, where farmers, gardeners, community organizations and vendors gather to swap seeds, sell seeds, and give workshops on seeds.

Check out Seeds of Diversity to learn more about Seedy Saturdays and find an event near you.

Here are the instructions included on the template.

  1. Cut the template out along the blue line.
  2. With the image face down, fold flap 1 along the dotted line, so that the 1 is now facing up.
  3. Fold flap 2 along the dotted line, so that that words (TO, FROM, etc.) are now facing up. Flap 2 should overlap flap 1, covering the number 1.
  4. Glue or tape flap 2 to flap 1.
  5. Fold flap 3 along the dotted line. It should overlap the bottom of flaps 1 and 2, covering the number 2.
  6. Glue or tape flap 3 where it overlaps flaps 1 and 2.
  7. Fill your new envelope with seeds! Visit our Ecological Seed Finder to discover locally produced, organic seeds.
  8. Fill out the back of the envelope with the name of your sweetheart/friend, your name (so they know who to thank!), the species and variety of the seeds.
  9. Fold down flap 4 so it covers the opening of the envelope.
  10. Tape or glue flap 4 down so no seeds fall out!
  11. Give these seeds to a special someone - and save some for yourself so you can PLANT, GROW + SAVE them too.


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